GoldStar WS09-R410G


split system, wall, cooling, heating, capacity of cooling of 2.6 kW heating capacity of 2.8 kW, the plasma filter, self-cleaning

Main (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
The type of conditioning split system
External power
Type indoor unit wall
Mode cooling, heating
Cooling capacity 2.6 kW
Heating capacity 2.8 kW
Design (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
The maximum length of a line 15 m
Elevation 10 m
Refrigerant (freon) R 410A
Performance and energy efficiency (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
Power consumption during cooling 0.81 kW
Power consumption for heating 0.76 kW
Energy efficiency cooling (EER) 3.21
Inverter technology
Air consumption 500 cubic m/h
Control and indication (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
Remote control
Adjusting the air flow direction
Adjusting the fan speed
Timer on/off
Autorestart after power failure
Turbo mode
Mode "Sleep"
Noise (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
The noise of the outer block 50 dB
Noise indoor unit 27 — 40 dB
Air purification (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
Plasma filter
Carbon filter
Features (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
Dimensions (GoldStar WS09-R410G)
External unit (HxWxD) 540x848x320 mm
Indoor unit (h x W x d) 265x794x182 mm
Weight outdoor unit 26 kg
Weight indoor unit 9 kg
Indoor unit
Energy efficiency for heating (COP) 3.68
Photocatalytic filter
Electrostatic filter
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